Heat Exchanger Service

We recognise the importance of keeping your maintenance turnaround on schedule and the potential for unplanned work to materialise
unexpectedly. We are available to support you resolving your challenges to keep your project on track.

Bundle re-tubing
We offer complete re-tubing of heat exchanger bundles, re-using existing components where possible to minimise cost. Our big bundle sawing machine is capable of handling tube bundles up to 2000mm in diameter, significantly reducing the re-tubing turnaround time.
Automated CNC tube expansion machines are available on 24 hour operation to meet your schedule.

In addition to bundle re-tubing we can assist in repairing heat exchanger shells, tubesheets, end channels and heads

Pressure testing of heat exchanger assemblies up to 800 bar

Replacement Parts
We can supply replacement end channels, floating heads and covers in original material or castings in aluminium bronze